Ø 1) Answer the questions:

a)Do you exercise?

b)What is your exercise program?

c)Why did you choose this kind of exercise?

d)Do you find it necessary to exercise?

e)Can exercise be substituted by anything else?

In an urban civilization exercise is necessary as a means of keeping fit. What type of exercise is the best? How much of it is good? Why do some people exercise and others not?

Many people are engaged in various exercise programs such as jogging swimming, cycling, skiing and so on. The benefits of exercise are: fun, fitness, and health. The PHYSICAL Exercise problem is where to begin. People who are out of shape often see it as an impossible task the more so because the results are not immediate but depend on regularity. It is regularity of activity that will get you back into shape.

The basic form of exercise is running. Running is something that just about all physically healthy people can do. Basketball players run, swimmers run, even race-car drivers run. And I suggest that you do too.

When you run start out slowly at an easy jog. If you jog regularly you will be surprised at how quickly you will PHYSICAL Exercise notice the results. But do not compete with other runners. That is a common temptation.

Skiing is also very popular. The fact is that you can learn to ski in a week and enjoy all Sundays and vacations in winter. The new skier should buy skis, boots, and ski poles. You needn’t start buying fancy clothes. Fashionable ski wear will come later when you learn to ski.

Some people perform yoga. Yoga is not a religion. It is a simple practical method of exercise. The exercises are simple, easy to perform, and don’t involve a PHYSICAL Exercise great deal of strain.

Ø 2) Answer the questions on the text:

a)Why is it necessary to exercise?

b)What are the simplest kinds of exercise for beginners? Why?

c)What is the most important principle in exercise?

d)What is the basic form of exercise? Why?

e)What should a new skier buy first of all?

f)What is yoga?


Ø 1) Do you keep a pet? What pet is it? Why do you keep it? What irritates you about your pet? Have you had any funny situations that happened to your pets?

I think that it PHYSICAL Exercise is very important to have a pet at home. It absolutely does not matter, what kind of animal it is. It can be a cat, a dog, a hamster, a turtle, a parrot, or even a gold fish. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in many countries. For me, cats are the most incredible and mystic animals. I love cats because they are warm, fluffy, and independent. Cats let us stroke them and purr with pleasure. It is convenient to keep these domestic animals.

Dogs are a man’s best friends. Dogs are extremely clever and PHYSICAL Exercise understand everything you tell them. Keeping a dog in a flat can be problematic because you need to walk it two or three times a day. Another problem is that our flats are relatively small even for small dogs.

In eastern countries cats and dogs are exotic pets. People there mostly keep birds that are usually smaller than parrots. The reason for keeping birds is that cities in eastern countries are overpopulated, so there are not enough parks and squares. If I had an opportunity, I would definitely keep a bright bird at home, but unfortunately I am allergic to PHYSICAL Exercise bird feathers.

Personally I do not understand when people keep fish. Fish, big or small, do not speak. You cannot touch it. Keeping fish is a very difficult and money demanding process.

People usually keep hamsters, rabbits, rats, and mice to teach children to take care of animals and to be human. Besides, these animals are funny and noiseless.

It is very interesting when somebody has exotic and even dangerous pets, such as spiders, cockroaches, snakes, and frogs. But one must be a real professional. Otherwise the animals will die or harm somebody. I would choose to keep PHYSICAL Exercise frogs in an aquarium. I think they are really nice and energetic. And some frogs have beautiful voices. So, you can choose any pet but you must love it. I cannot understand how people live without pets. Can you?

Ø 2) Find adjectives that describe pets in the text.

Ø 3) Find expressions that show your personal opinion in the text.

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